The Hope of Elantris (Elantris #1.5) by Brandon Sanderson

"My lord," Ashe said, hovering in through the window. "Lady Sarene begs your forgiveness. She's going to be a tad late for dinner." "A tad?" Raoden asked, amused as he sat at the table. "Dinner was supposed to start an hour ago." Ashe pulsed slightly. "I'm sorry, my lord. But. . .she made me promise to relay a message if you complained. 'Tell him,' she said, 'that I'm pregnant and it's his fault, so that means he has to do what I want.'" Raoden laughed. Ashe pulsed again, looking as embarrassed as a Seon could, considering he was simply a ball of light. Raoden sighed, resting his arms on the table of his palace inside Elantris. The walls around him glowed with a very faint light, and no torches or lanterns were necessary. He'd always wondered about the lack of lantern brackets in Elantris. Galladon had once explained that there were plates made to glow when pressed-but they'd both forgotten just how much light had come from the stones themselves. He looked down at his empty plate. We once struggled so hard for just a little bit of food, he thought. Now it's so co
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