Fall With Me by Bella Forrest

Chapter 1: Griffin I went with Imogen to the Full Moon Party. Koh Phangan at its best. That was the last thing I clearly remember; everything else filters back hazy, like it’s been covered in a layer of gauze. I had a few drinks, a few pills, danced my ass off, and then woke up here, in some cramped little room on the lower level of a boat. I can tell it’s a boat even though there are no windows and the door is locked. The rocking motion. The sea salt air. Footsteps above me, muffled voices, and no one responds when I bang on the door. There’s only the thin shaft of pale light that trickles in from under the door. There’s no one in this room but myself, and I don’t need a mirror to know my face has been battered. My left eye is swollen shut and my jaw is tender to the touch. Still have all the teeth, though my lip is split, but that could just be because I’m dehydrated. I stand up, sway on my feet. The room lurches and I nearly fall, but I don’t. Even in this condition, I’ve got good sea legs. Dad always said so. That’s the only time Dad and I ever seemed able to stand each other—when we were out on his yacht. S
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