Bound by Hatred (Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles #3) by Cora Reilly

PROLOGUE Gianna I stared at my image in the mirror. My chin was covered in blood and more blood was dripping from the cut in my lower lip and onto my shirt. My lip was already swelling, but I was happy to find my eyes dry, no sign of a single tear. Matteo appeared behind me, towering over me, dark eyes scanning my messed up face. Without his trademark shark-grin and the arrogant amusement, he looked almost tolerable. “You don’t know when to shut up, do you?” His lips turned into a smirk, but it looked somehow wrong. There was something unsettling in his eyes. The look in them reminded me of the one I’d seen when he’d dealt with the Russian captives in the basement. “Neither do you,” I said, then winced at the pain shooting through my lip. “True,” he said in a strange voice. Before I had time to react, he gripped my hips, turned me around and hoisted me onto the washstand. “That’s why we are perfect for each other.” Back was the arrogant smile. The bastard stepped between my legs. “What are you doing?” I hissed, sliding back from the edge of the washstand to bring more
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