Born of Defiance (The League #8) by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Prologue “You can’t win against Vested, mongrel dog. You might as well go home to your mum and cry like the little bitch you are.” Talyn Batur barely caught the nasty retort that scalded his tongue. Then wondered why he bothered, since both he and Duel Odelus were fighting to kill each other, anyway. Yeah, okay. I’m an idiot. Just not a rude one. Duel punched and kicked like lightning. Moving as if he lacked bones and a spine, Talyn dodged and ducked, then delivered a staggering blow to Duel’s ribs. Duel stumbled back. Talyn scissor-kicked, turned, and hammered his famous double punch into Duel’s face and a head butt to his forehead. Stunned, Duel reached for him. By the methodical, sluggish way his opponent reacted now, Talyn knew it was time to finish it. “Kiss my mongrel ass, Vested,” Talyn growled, then swept Duel’s feet out from under him and pinned him to the bloody mat. Within a few heartbeats, the victory alarm rang, and was quickly drowned out by the thunderous sounds of those cheering his win, as well as those damning him to hell for it. The ref pulled Talyn up by his arm
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