A Bloody London Sunset (Sunset Vampire #2) by Jaz Primo

Prologue: Caleb Caleb Taylor's heartbeat thundered in his ears as he raced down the hallway. Have to help Katrina! Speeding through the living area into the dining room and wielding the polished sword over his head with both hands, he closed on the unprotected back of the hideous-faced vampire, Chimalma, who was battling the woman he loved. Katrina's eyes widened for an instant, enough for the disfigured female vampire to notice. Chimalma's bared fangs and blazing hazel eyes targeted Caleb. She jerked her hand away from Katrina's grip, throwing a dagger at Caleb as he charged. The dagger hammered into Caleb's upper chest with a force that caused him to topple backwards from the impact. Intense pain cascaded through his chest and shoulder, and the sword slipped from his hands and skittered across the floor towards Katrina. The red-haired vampire managed to grab the hilt as it nearly slid past her and whipped the blade upwards, plunging the sword into Chimalma's heart. With a twist, she broke the sword tip off in the vampire's chest. Chimalma sharply gasped and grabbed at one of the arrow bolts stuck in Katrina's chest with her free hand, pr
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