SMASH: Trial by Fire by Chris A. Bolton

Super strong. Super fast. Super young!

Andrew Ryan dreams of having the strength and abilities of his superhero idol, Defender. Then he could stand up to his big brother, face down the school bully, and never be afraid of anything--or anyone--ever again.

KA-BOOM! When he is clobbered by fallout from a blast that kills Defender, Andrew's wish may have just come true. Now it's up to him to protect the citizens of Seatown from thieves and thugs. Not to mention Magus, a fearsome villain who will stop at nothing to steal Smash's superpowers for himself! Andrew dons a homemade costume to hide his identity--and Smash is born!

But fighting crim isn't easy when you're in fifth grade. And it takes a lot more than superpowers to be a hero...

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