Bound by Duty by Cora Reilly    New

(Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles, #2) PROLOGUE “Don’t turn your back on me. Look at me. I think I deserve at least that small decency, Dante.” Tension radiated off of him when he turned around to me. He didn’t move closer but he was looking at me. For once, he didn’t pretend I was invisible. His blue eyes wandered over my exposed body. My nipples hardened in the cool air of his office but I didn’t close my silk bathrobe, despite the overwhelming urge to cover myself against Dante’s cold scrutiny. His gaze lingered on the apex of my thighs slightly longer than on the rest of my body and a small burst of hope filled me. “Am I your wife?” His blond brows drew together. “Of course, you are.” There was the hint of something I couldn’t place in his voice. “Then claim your rights, Dante. Make me yours.” He didn’t move, but his eyes slid down to my erect nipples. His gaze was almost something physical, like a ghost touch on my naked skin. I wasn’t above begging. I knew I almost had him. I wanted to have sex tonight. “I have needs too. Wo
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